Notaire-Direct, your legal point of reference

Notaire-Direct, a team of legal professionals and legal advisors, is at your service to ensure the preparation of your legal documents and address all your legal questions.


A personalized estate settlement that makes it possible to carry out the various stages in the liquidation of an estate professionally and at a reasonable cost...

Wealth & Asset Protection

Protecting your estate means, among other things and depending on your needs, a simple or trust will, a mandate for incapacity and a protective trust...


What you need to know about opening a tutorship or curatorship or homologating a mandate of protection in case of incapacity...


The celebration of your marriage, at the time and place of your choosing, by a notary, a public official, who will also inform you of the legal aspects of your union...


Prepare your draft amicable agreement with the help of a notary, a wise choice that speeds things up and limits the risk of conflict.

Real Estate

The purchase, sale or mortgage of a residential, commercial or industrial property, whether freehold or co-owned... by real estate specialists.

Commercial Lease

A commercial lease or an offer to lease for an office, commercial space or building, the publication of a lease... the weight of a written document.


Buying or selling a condominium, drawing up a declaration of co-ownership, appointing a trustee for the reconstruction of a condominium following a disaster... for peace of mind.


The drafting or publication of a legal hypothec, the verification of progressive disbursements for a building under construction... all done by specialists.

Corporate Law

If you're planning an incorporation, a shareholders' agreement, a merger, a business acquisition, a trademark... you'll have no trouble finding your way around.

Intellectual Property

Whether you're looking to protect a trademark or copyright, file source code in trust or draft intellectual property contracts... call on our expertise.

Source Codes

Protecting your source codes with a trustee, drawing up contracts to protect your software rights... protect your rights.

Maritime Law

Buying, selling or registering a boat, and financing a purchase with a marine mortgage... all done by professionals.

Mediation & Arbitration

Arbitration and mediation are alternative dispute resolution methods, whether for co-ownership, business law, commercial leases, shareholder agreements, etc.

The Virtual Registries of a corporation, a divided co-ownership, or a trust aim to ensure the perpetuity of documents (meetings, agendas, corporate insurance policies, various contracts, etc.) produced by administrators, shareholders, trustees, as well as by condominium associations.

Notaire-Direct, a public officer, acts as the custodian of essential documents for the proper management of the condominium and ensures their preservation in the event of any change in manager or member of the association's board of directors.

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