Services offered - Commercial lease

A team of notaries can help you, as a tenant or landlord, negotiate or draft your offer to lease or commercial lease for a building, publish your commercial lease in the land register and even act as arbitrator...

Drafting and negotiating a lease agreement
Document that establishes the basic conditions of the lease to be signed.
Drafting and negotiation of a commercial lease
Document that establishes the rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant
Publication of a commercial lease in the land registry
Protects the tenant in the event of the alienation of the building.
Arbitration in case of conflict between the parties to a commercial lease
Method of conflict resolution between tenant and landlord
Mediation in case of dispute between the parties of a commercial lease
Mediation is an alternative method of conflict resolution that allows for exploring all avenues through dialogue and reaching a solution based on the needs of the parties.
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