Services offered - Construction

A team of notaries offers to advise you and draft your denunciations to the owner, publish your legal construction mortgage notices, follow up on progressive disbursements, obtain releases, act as trustee for insurance indemnities in the event of a claim and even act as arbitrator...

Land registry search
Search to determine the owner of a property.
Report to the landlord of a building
Steps to inform the owner of a building under construction.
Drafting and registering the construction lien
Aims to protect the rights of individuals who have participated in the construction of a building.
Writing receipts for the work done
Obtaining receipts provides better protection for the owner.
Tracking the file if there are progressive disbursements
Steps that allow for better protection of the landlord and the creditor.
Arbitration in case of conflict during construction work
Avoid resorting to the courts in case of a conflict.
Mediation in case of conflict during construction work
The notary is the professional best suited to act as a mediator in a dispute during construction work.
Insurance indemnities deposited in trust with a notary
Steps that allow for better protection of the condominium corporation, owners, and creditors following a significant loss or partial or total destruction of a jointly-owned building.
Drafting and publication of a transfer of a right of superficies or emphyteusis
Real estate projects sometimes require original and creative solutions, and that's what the transfer of a superficies or emphyteutic right can offer you.
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