Building registration

The Advantages of Registering a Building

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The content of the certificate of registration is determined by the Registrar in Chief; the following information must appear on it:

  • the description of the building;
  • its registration number;
  • the name and address of the owner or one of their authorized representatives.

Registration of any pleasure or commercial vessel over 15 gross tons is mandatory. Canadian citizenship of the owner will be required in most cases.

The person wishing to register a vessel must be a qualified person and the vessel must not be registered abroad.

You must choose a port of registration for your vessel. The port of registration will be the home port of your vessel. In most cases, it will be the port where your vessel is usually located or the nearest port to the usual home port. You always have the choice to opt for any designated port in Canada as the port of registration for your vessel.

The Registry accepts the registration of up to five joint owners of a vessel or a share in a vessel. It is prohibited to dispose of a registered joint interest in a vessel or a share in a vessel unless all the joint owners dispose of it at the same time.

It is prohibited for an owner to register a fraction of a share in a vessel.

Registration gives the vessel a legal name and provides certain benefits, notably:

  • to properly identify the owner;
  • to ensure with certainty if the vessel is free of any maritime liens;
  • to allow the vessel to be used as collateral for a maritime lien;
  • to ensure that the name of your vessel is unique;
  • to fly the Canadian flag.

When a vessel undergoes significant modifications that no longer comply with the indications and description appearing in the registry, the owner must notify and register the details of these modifications with the Registrar of the nearest port where the modifications were made. A new registration may sometimes be necessary.

When the ownership of a vessel changes hands without any modifications to the vessel, it is necessary to ensure that the transfer of ownership and the new identity of the owners are recorded in the Registry. A new registration will not be required.

Given the complexity of the system, it is important to consult Notary-Direct to:

  • conduct a title search and ensure that the vessel is free of any charges at the time of registration;
  • verify that the legal requirements for registration are met;
  • complete the legal documentation and assist you in gathering the relevant supporting documents.
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