Business mediation

In case of conflict, mediation allows to explore all avenues through dialogue and reach a customized solution that meets the parties' needs.

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More and more, business sale contracts, partnership agreements, and shareholder agreements contain mediation clauses. These clauses allow parties to avoid going to court in the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation of these documents.

Mediation is an increasingly popular alternative dispute resolution method due to the flexibility it provides to the parties. Mediation allows for exploring all possible avenues through dialogue and finding a customized solution based on the parties' needs.

An exhaustive list of the various situations where a mediator can intervene cannot be provided, but here are a few examples for illustrative purposes when there is a conflict:

  • arising from a promise to purchase or a business sale contract;
  • between two partners regarding the interpretation of their partnership agreement;
  • between two shareholders regarding the interpretation of their shareholder agreement;
  • arising from a share sale contract;
  • between a limited partner and a general partner.

Why let a dispute escalate and become more burdensome through legal proceedings?

With their training and experience as impartial legal advisors, notaries are the ideal professionals to act as mediators in your dispute. They will assist you in finding a satisfactory solution that takes into account the interests of all parties and, most importantly, will be much quicker and less costly than a judicial settlement.

In case of deadlock, mediation can be followed by arbitration, where an arbitrator chosen by the parties will make a decision on the dispute after hearing representations from each party.

Consult the professionals at Notaire-Direct who will provide you with advice tailored to your needs.

If you need more information on this service, please contact us
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