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Every vessel must have a name that meets the requirements of the Canada Shipping Act. Vessels, with the exception of those registered in the Small Vessel Register, must receive a name that meets the requirements determined by the Chief Registrar before being registered.

The approval of a vessel's name, before its registration, can be done by the Chief Registrar upon submission of an application. The change of a vessel's name can be done in the same manner.

It is possible to reserve a name for a vessel before its registration. This reservation can even be made at the time of drawing up the plans or constructing the vessel. There are fees associated with this reservation, which is valid for a period of one year. After the expiry of this period, the reserved name becomes available to others. However, you can extend the reservation of a vessel's name for an additional year by paying the applicable fees. You must request the extension before the expiry of the one-year period.

As part of the initial registration of your vessel, you will need to choose a name. Provide three name choices in case the initially chosen name is already reserved or used by another owner. If no alternative names are provided, the application will be returned if the name is already in use. It is possible to retain two identical names but ending in different Roman numerals. In this case, they will be considered as different names. For example, if the name you have chosen is Charlevoix, you can choose Charlevoix II or Charlevoix III to ensure that your vessel will bear the name Charlevoix.

The use of symbols is prohibited. The vessel's name must be composed of letters from the Latin alphabet, and the Chief Registrar will refuse the registration of a name if it:

  • is identical to that of another Canadian vessel;
  • could be confused with that of another Canadian vessel or distress signal;
  • could offend members of the public;
  • is prohibited by another federal law;
  • could damage Canada's international reputation.

The change of name of a registered vessel follows a procedure that is identical to the one followed during its registration. Fees apply.

When the name change is registered, a new registration certificate with the expiry date of the original certificate will be issued.

Given the complexity of the system, it is important to consult Notaire-Direct in order to:

  • complete the required legal documentation and choose a name that meets the legal criteria for the initial registration or name change;
  • obtain approval or reservation of a name prior to registration or name change.
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