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Whether you're selling or buying a residential or commercial property, our team of notaries can study or draft your offer to purchase, your contract of sale or purchase, your mortgage, draft and publish a servitude or a declaration of family residence, or your releases...

Building purchase offer
The purchase offer is an extremely important document in the negotiations leading to the acquisition of a new property, it is the contract by which the buyer agrees to purchase the building that is the subject of the offer. In return, the seller who accepts the offer agrees to sell under the conditions determined in it.
Sale agreement for a property

The purchase and sale agreement is an extremely important document. The notary will prepare the agreement and receive the signature of the parties.

Mortgage financing

Preparing a real estate mortgage is the responsibility of a notary.

Arbitration and mediation

Alternative methods of dispute resolution between a seller and a buyer.

Accessory contracts in real estate

Find the main services, legal, useful for a property owner.

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