Accessory contracts in real estate

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Transmission Statement for a Property
Document that must be published to transmit ownership to heirs.
Drafting and negotiation of a commercial lease
Document that establishes the rights and obligations of the landlord and the tenant
Drafting and registering the construction lien
Aims to protect the rights of individuals who have participated in the construction of a building.
General or specific power of attorney
A power of attorney is a contract in which one person, the grantor, gives another person the power to represent them in the completion of a legal act with a third party.
Drafting a condominium declaration
A condominium, also known as a divided co-ownership, is a form of property ownership in which the co-owner owns a housing unit and exercises the normal rights of an owner.
Drafting of an undivided co-ownership agreement
Co-ownership is a form of property right where co-owners each possess a share or fraction of the entire property. As a result, they jointly and concurrently own the same property, based on the percentage of the building they hold.
Updating a condominium declaration drafted before 1994
Following the adoption of the new Civil Code of Quebec in 1994, it is appropriate to update a declaration of co-ownership drafted before this date.
Drafting and filing of the legal mortgage of the condominium corporation
The mortgage aims to protect the rights of the condominium corporation.
Preparation and drafting of a servitude deed
Easement is a burden imposed on a property, the servient tenement, in favor of another property, the dominant tenement, and owned by a different owner.
Writing and publishing a family residence declaration
A spouse, to protect their rights, may if desired, publish a declaration of family residence provided for in the Civil Code of Quebec.
Drafting and publication of a transfer of a right of superficies or emphyteusis
Real estate projects sometimes require original and creative solutions, and that's what the transfer of a superficies or emphyteutic right can offer you.
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