Corporate vault. Annual update and preservation of the minutes book

Preparation of meetings required by corporate laws and keeping the book in our vault.

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The updating of a book of minutes consists of drafting the annual meetings required by corporate laws. The requirements that the laws impose on companies operating as a corporation are established for the proper functioning of the business world. They have their reasons. In addition to protecting the rights of the public, they aim to protect your rights and remedies, as well as those of your associates.

The book of minutes provides evidence of its content in any action, proceeding, or lawsuit against the corporation or against a shareholder. An up-to-date book could save you costly witness evidence in a potential litigation.

This service is also intended for partners in a general partnership or limited partnership, as well as representatives of a condominium syndicate. All these persons also have a legal obligation to keep records and record their decisions in writing. It is also advisable for trustees of a trust to keep such a book of minutes in order to gather all the documentation relating to the trust, the bar or silver coin used to establish it, the decisions of the trustees, and the distributions made to the beneficiaries.

Financing could be delayed or even refused simply because the book of minutes of your corporation is not in order. What will be the consequence of these irregularities upon the death of a partner or upon the occurrence of incapacity?

We offer your corporation the means to ensure the services of a permanent legal advisor in order to avoid being placed in such a situation and thus ensure that all changes occurring in the corporation (changes in administrators, share transactions, etc.) are reflected, especially if they are frequent.

A service to organize the minutes of your corporation, under the supervision of qualified professionals and technicians; a precise and efficient update of your corporate records as well as the preservation of the book and seal of your corporation by clicking on the following service "corporate vault".

After receiving your mandate, we will contact you again so that you can send your book of minutes to our office. It will be analyzed and we will contact you to provide you with our comments and situations where a major update is required or significant deficiencies have been identified. A cost assessment will be made and any substantial modifications will be billed at an hourly rate, separately from the corporate vault service. Updating fees and minor modifications may be included in the service.

The corporate vault service includes:

  • the preservation of your book in our vault and control of its entries and exits;
  • the maintenance of a continuous record;
  • sending the documentation included in your book by email if requested, from you or your accountant;
  • after the publication of your annual financial statements, communication with your accountant to obtain the information required for the preparation of the annual meetings;
  • preparation of the annual meetings and their transmission for signature;
  • transmission of copies of the annual meetings to your accountant with a summary of the corporation;
  • checking the status of your corporation with the Registrar of Companies and Industry Canada, if applicable;
  • production of your annual declarations and reports to the Registrar of Companies and Industry Canada;
  • a toll-free telephone consultation service.

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Required documents

  • The company name to be registered for the service;
  • The name and contact information of the chartered accountant of a corporation;
  • The end date of the financial year of a corporation;
  • The book of minutes of a corporation;
  • The last page of the latest financial statements of a corporation (which includes the number of issued shares to verify accuracy with the book).
If you need more information on this service, please contact us
514 374-4303
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