Services offered to condo builders and developers

The realization of a new condominium project involves several legal operations. Let us accompany you from the purchase of the desired land to the resale of the units to your clients.

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Notaire-Direct Inc.'s long-standing expertise has made it a leader in condominium law. Regardless of the size of the project, Notaire-Direct Inc. is able to offer a professional "turnkey" service to builders and developers of condominiums by accompanying them at every stage of their project.

The services offered by Notaire-Direct Inc. include, among others:

- Conducting a review of property titles on the building and making any necessary corrective deeds;

- Drafting the information notice required by law;

- Drafting an declaration of condominium tailored to the specificities of each project, whether it is a simple declaration of condominium, an initial declaration of condominium supplemented by concurrent declarations, or a phased declaration of condominium;

- Registering the condominium corporation;

- Creating necessary easements according to the project's specificities;

- Establishing the relative value of each condominium unit based on information provided by the developer and determining the amount of monthly common charges for each unit;

- Following up with the land surveyor in the preparation of the property survey certificate to establish the private areas, common areas, and restricted common areas according to the project's specificities;

- Establishing a schedule for all transactions with buyers and implementing a procedure for key handover;

- Establishing a fixed price for processing buyers' files;

- Drafting all project-specific document templates, including:

  • A standard sales contract;
  • Mortgage deeds and other documents required by the lender;
  • A detailed tracking sheet for each transaction;
  • The distribution memorandum and disbursement statements specific to each transaction.

- Collecting all necessary information from each buyer and preparing them for the transaction according to a predetermined correspondence method;

- Ensuring financing for each buyer by following up appropriately with their mortgage lender;

- Gathering all related documents necessary for each transaction, such as:

  • The condominium corporation's insurance policy for the building;
  • The buyer's liability insurance policy;
  • A title insurance policy, if required by the client or their lender;
  • The completion certificate for the work;
  • The new home warranty plan;
  • The GST/QST new home credit form;
  • The Hydro-Québec account transfer form;
  • A copy of the declaration(s) of condominium for the buyer's attention;
  • A copy of the property survey certificate for the buyer's attention.

- Meeting with each buyer to present the documents to be signed to complete the transaction;

- Collecting from each buyer a series of postdated checks to cover the current year's condominium fees;

- Registering all notarized deeds at the land registry;

- Holding funds in trust and coordinating a method to repay the seller's mortgage lender and deliver the final proceeds of each sale to the seller;

- Ensuring the discharge of any charges on the property;

- Making any necessary authentic copies of the notarized deeds and sending them to the parties involved and their lenders.

- Preparing for and convening an extraordinary general meeting of the condominium owners when the developer no longer holds the majority of votes at the general meeting of the condominium owners.

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If you need more information on this service, please contact us
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