Services offered - Co-ownership/Condominium

A team of notaries offers to advise you and draw up your declaration of divided or undivided co-ownership or bring your declaration of co-ownership up to standard, publish your legal hypothecs in favour of the syndicate of co-owners, act as trustee for insurance indemnities for the syndicate in the event of a claim, and even act as arbitrator...

Services offered to condo builders and developers
The realization of a new condominium project involves several legal operations. Let us accompany you from the purchase of the desired land to the resale of the units to your clients.
Drafting a condominium declaration
A condominium, also known as a divided co-ownership, is a form of property ownership in which the co-owner owns a housing unit and exercises the normal rights of an owner.
Drafting of an undivided co-ownership agreement
Co-ownership is a form of property right where co-owners each possess a share or fraction of the entire property. As a result, they jointly and concurrently own the same property, based on the percentage of the building they hold.
Updating a condominium declaration drafted before 1994
Following the adoption of the new Civil Code of Quebec in 1994, it is appropriate to update a declaration of co-ownership drafted before this date.
The update of the condominium minutes book
Annual update of the condominium minutes book, drafting of the required meetings as per the Civil Code of Quebec and keeping the book in our vault.
Drafting and filing of the legal mortgage of the condominium corporation
The mortgage aims to protect the rights of the condominium corporation.
Arbitration in case of conflict between a co-owner and the condominium corporation
Arbitration prevents resorting to the courts in the event of a dispute between a co-owner and the condominium corporation.
Mediation in the event of a dispute between a co-owner and the condominium corporation
Mediation is an alternative mode of conflict resolution that allows for exploring all avenues through dialogue.
Insurance indemnities deposited in trust with a notary
Steps that allow for better protection of the condominium corporation, owners, and creditors following a significant loss or partial or total destruction of a jointly-owned building.
Due diligence when buying a divided condominium property
Before buying a divided co-ownership, it is important to conduct due diligence. The financial condition of the building and its management should also greatly influence your choice.
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