The update of the condominium minutes book

Annual update of the condominium minutes book, drafting of the required meetings as per the Civil Code of Quebec and keeping the book in our vault.

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The Civil Code of Quebec requires the condominium syndicate to make the following documents available to the co-owners:

  • a register of the names and addresses of each co-owner and each tenant;
  • the minutes of the meetings of the co-owners and the board of directors;
  • the financial statements;
  • the declaration of co-ownership, the building by-laws, and any modifications;
  • copies of contracts in which the syndicate is a party;
  • a copy of the cadastral plan and the plans and specifications of the building.

It is strongly recommended to keep a book in which these documents will be inserted and constantly updated. This book will have the advantage of grouping and ensuring the conservation of all these documents and facilitating continuity in the administration, despite frequent changes of administrators.

Notaire-Direct offers your condominium the means to ensure the services of a permanent legal advisor to prevent you from being placed in a litigious situation and to reflect all the changes that occur in the condominium, especially if they are frequent.

Notaire-Direct offers a service to organize the minutes of your condominium, under the supervision of qualified professionals and technicians; a precise and efficient update of your registers.

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If you need more information on this service, please contact us
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