Services offered - Incapacity, Protection

A team of notaries can advise you and draw up the necessary documents for the appointment of a tutor or curator or the homologation of a mandate of protection in case of incapacity...

Opening of a guardianship regime for adults
Procedure for appointing someone to administer the assets and take care of one of your loved ones who has become incapable of managing their assets and taking care of themselves.
Inventory of assets for the incapacitated/adult-minor
Document used to determine the assets and liabilities of the incapacitated adult or the minor.
Homologation of Protection Mandate in case of incapacity
Procedure to obtain a judgment declaring the validity of the mandate of protection in case of incapacity signed by one of your relatives and when that person can no longer manage their property or take care of themselves.
Curator replacement
Procedure to replace the person who was appointed to one of your loved ones when they became incapable of managing their affairs and taking care of themselves due to an illness.
Power of Attorney for Personal Care
Document provided by a person who wishes to anticipate the consequences of their inability to take care of themselves and manage their assets, and to appoint one or more agents to represent them.
Dative guardianship
Procedure for appointing a guardian for a minor when their father and mother are unable (deceased or incapacitated) to exercise legal guardianship.
Guardian of property and ad hoc guardian
Procedure for appointing an additional guardian for a minor in special circumstances.
Tutor Replacement
Procedure for replacing the guardian when a guardianship has been established for a minor.
Composition of a Board of Trustees
Procedure to establish a body consisting of family members or friends of the minor in order to monitor the actions taken by the mother or father.
Accountability of the mandatary/curator/guardian
Allows to know the balance of the administration carried out by the representative, curator or guardian
General power of attorney and mandate of protection
A power of attorney, also known as a mandate, is a contract by which a person, the grantor, gives power to another person to represent them in the performance of a legal act with a third party.
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