Services offered - Intellectual property

A firm of notaries can register your trademarks, draft your intellectual property contracts, register your copyrights and act as trustee or custodian to store and protect your source codes and software documentation...

Source Code Escrow Trust Agreement for a Creditor
Agreement providing for the delivery of source codes of a software to a trust fund, for financing purposes.
Drafting a source code escrow agreement
Drafting a agreement providing for the delivery of source codes of a software to an independent third party.
The notary, depository or trustee of source codes
Delivery of source codes of a software to the notary acting as a trustee or custodian.
Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Competition Agreement
Agreement outlining the clauses for the protection of intellectual property rights to be included in contracts with employees, freelancers, etc.
Services agreement for a freelance software designer
Agreement outlining the clauses to insert in a freelance contract.
Due diligence on intangible assets
Determine if a company has followed policies and methods for the use and protection of its intangible assets.
Registering a copyright
Copyright can protect any original work, whether it is literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic.
Intellectual Property Statement
An addition to the registration of a copyright on a work.
Use of a celebrity's name and image
Agreement for the Use of Name or Image of a Celebrity
Trademark registration
Research on the availability of the chosen name and preparation of the legal documents required to register a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
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