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A team of notaries offers legal advice on incorporating a corporation, amending a company's articles of incorporation, keeping the minutes of a company's minute book, registering a trademark, drafting shareholder agreements, selling a business and asset protection trusts...

Incorporation or establishment of a corporation
Preparing legal documents to establish or incorporate a federal or provincial corporation.
Incorporation of professionals
Preparation of the legal documents establishing the federal or provincial corporation for a professional.
Corporate restructuring
The corporate reorganization aims, among other things, to minimize the tax bill, to be able to benefit from income splitting, and if there is a sale of the shares of a company, to benefit from the capital gains exemption.
Updating the company under the new provisions of the Quebec Business Corporations Act
A certain level of upgrading your company is however recommended in order to align it with the provisions of this new law, including the adoption of a new internal regulation and a new model of share certificate.
Trademark registration
Research on the availability of the chosen name and preparation of the legal documents required to register a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
Drafting and negotiation of a shareholders' agreement
Document that governs the purchase and sale of shares and the internal management of the corporation.
Corporate vault. Annual update and preservation of the minutes book
Preparation of meetings required by corporate laws and keeping the book in our vault.
Virtual registry of the company
The virtual registry allows administrators, shareholders, and authorized advisors of a company to securely access online the company's documents that have been previously scanned in PDF format.
Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of a corporation
Change of name, judicial district, etc.
Drafting and negotiating a business sale agreement
Contract that establishes the terms of the sale of a business.
Due diligence in the context of acquiring a business
Steps to ensure compliance with the various laws and regulations applicable to a company prior to an acquisition or merger.
Merger of two or more corporations into one
Legal documents and procedures aimed at the merger.
Liquidation and dissolution of a corporation
Procedure for distributing assets and debts, if any, to shareholders and dissolving a corporation.
Asset protection trusts
Document that establishes an autonomous heritage in which certain assets can be transferred.
Trust Book and Annual Update
Update your records with accuracy and efficiency, as well as keep the book, bar, coin, or other banknote that made up the trust.
Business Arbitration
Method to avoid resorting to the courts in case of conflict arising from the interpretation of these documents.
Business mediation
In case of conflict, mediation allows to explore all avenues through dialogue and reach a customized solution that meets the parties' needs.
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