Services offered - Succession/Estate

A team of notaries offers you its Estate Liquidation service, which allows you to accept an estate under benefit of inventory or to renounce an estate, to proceed with the probate of a will and to make, among other things, a declaration of transmission for a building or movable property or a declaration of heredity...

Will search at the Quebec Chamber of Notaries
Make sure that we have the latest will, if there is one.
Matrimonial search: verification of marital regime and renunciation of sharing the family patrimony
Allows to know if the deceased was single, married, widowed, etc.
Verification of a holographic or witnessed will or codicil
Verification and approval of the form of the will.
Appointment of the liquidator
Appoint or change the person who is responsible for settling the estate.
Publication of the notice of appointment of the liquidator
Inform the interested parties about the executor of the estate.
Publication of the inalienability clause, if mentioned in the will
Protect the heirs against seizure by their creditors
Inventory preparation
Determine the assets and liabilities of the estate.
Preparation of a legal heirs declaration
Document that allows to identify the heirs of the deceased.
Transmission Statement for a Property
Document that must be published to transmit ownership to heirs.
Renunciation in favorem
Allows an heir to renounce the inheritance in favor of one or more co-heirs.
Statement of personal property transfer (bank account, certificate of deposit, etc.)
Document that needs to be published to transfer ownership to the heirs.
Request to Retraite Québec
Death benefit, surviving spouse's pension, and orphan's pension.
Claim for the amount owed under a life insurance policy or retirement plan
Documents required to obtain payment of the sums owed to the estate.
Cancellation of the Old Age Security benefit
Protect the estate against identity theft and fraudulent use of payments made.
Cancellation of the social insurance number, various cards and official documents
Protect the estate against identity theft and the fraudulent use of this information or documents.
Publication of the notice of closure of the inventory at the Personal Property Registry and in a local newspaper
Make known the existence of the inventory of the estate to interested persons.
Accounting by the liquidator
Allows to determine the estate inventory
Publication of the notice of account closure by the liquidator at the Personal Property Registry
Publication of the notice of closure of the liquidator's account at the RDPRM.
Renouncement to the estate
Allows an heir to renounce an inheritance, among other reasons, if it is deficitary.
Obtaining the certificates authorizing the distribution of estate assets
Ensure that the estate administrator is not held responsible for the deceased person's unpaid taxes.
Dative guardianship
Procedure for appointing a guardian for a minor when their father and mother are unable (deceased or incapacitated) to exercise legal guardianship.
Guardian of property and ad hoc guardian
Procedure for appointing an additional guardian for a minor in special circumstances.
Tutor Replacement
Procedure for replacing the guardian when a guardianship has been established for a minor.
Composition of a Board of Trustees
Procedure to establish a body consisting of family members or friends of the minor in order to monitor the actions taken by the mother or father.
Notary Public Will
A will is a legal document executed by a single person, known as the testator, by which the testator disposes of their property to one or more people.
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